Thursday, 27 March 2014


ITunes is a media player developed by APPLE, and it comes with versatile features. Mac books come preloaded with this media player and it’s a must for those having iPhone, iPad or iPod reason being music and photos can only be transferred using this iTunes hence becoming a pre-requisite for apple users.
Also it contains iTunes store from where different apps can be downloaded or purchased. For this, we need to create one iTunes id, and unfortunately we need to have a valid debit/credit card in order to create this id. But this problem can be overcome id we change the country to USA. ITunes user in USA can make an account without any form of valid debit or credit card in order to do so.

ITunes run faster on Mac books as compared to windows for unknown reason. The sound quality delivered is equivalent to any other media player, but the visual appeal of iTunes is much better than anyone else. With so many media players coming into store, still iTunes continues to be the undisputed king of media players.

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