Saturday, 26 April 2014


If you do not mind installing beta version of your favorite applications, then you'd probably know that Mozilla has decided to roll out a new preview build of Thunderbird 29 which is scheduled to go live within few weeks or few months.

As you could guess with ease since it is just a beta version and its release is basically focused on fixing of bugs and addressing all the performance issues which were reported by users in their previous builds, so this could be just the right moment to update this software if you've had a time experiencing some errors with this software.

According to the official change log which was revealed recently, Mozilla Thunderbird 29 Beta 1 addressed bugs that broke down Bing and Yahoo search engines and also fixing issues with proxy servers for the RSS feeds and all the crashes that took place at random times of this software operation.

Of course, the new beta build is available on all supported platforms, but keep in mind that it's still part of the beta development channel, so you could still come across a number of bugs and issues that might affect the overall experience with the app.

Overall, my opinion is that Mozilla Thunderbird 29 Beta 1 is quite an impressive way to try out the next level features that lineup of the email client, so i would suggest to use the download links below and  get the version that works best on your computer.

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