Thursday, 17 April 2014


AutoCAD 2015 is computer aided designing software developed by Autodesk with new features and new design which improves the visual appeal, design process and enhances productivity as well. Open new tabs, as many as you want which means you can work on multiple projects at once. This software is a must have for mechanical engineers, designers, product hardware manufacturers. The new help option is more powered and helps in anything you can ever think of related to AutoCAD.

The new features of AutoCAD are:

• Refined UI:
A new better and improved user interface is created.
• Ribbon Galleries:
Allows easy access to all drawing tools
• New tab
Makes working on multiple projects easy
• Command Preview
We can know what is actually happening on backend
• Enhanced Help
The newly and richly defined help options covers all aspects on AutoCAD
• Intelligent Commands
It autocorrects wrongly spelt commands and adaptively adjusts to commands of a user.
• Online Enhanced Maps
Take pictures of online map as static images which can be used later.
• Enhanced Design feed
Allows usage of design feed on intranet
• Customization:
Supports all windows including windows 8 and its icons can be customized accordingly.

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