Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Dropbox is a cloud storage or a file hosting service provided by Dropbox, Inc. It offers file synchronization, cloud storage and client software. When a person installs Dropbox in his/her PC, a special folder is created in which they can add any file which they want to be available on cloud storage. Dropbox is available for iPhone, iPad and android devices as well. Files are accessible through their website as well. It automatically starts uploading and downloading files added in Dropbox folder from computer or mobile devices.
Features of Dropbox are:
• Mobility:
Add any file from any place of the world from almost any device. All you need is access to internet.
• Privacy:
Dropbox respects your privacy and makes sure that none of the content uploaded on Dropbox is ever leaked or made public.
• Safe and Secure:
Secure your data with unique username (most likely your email id) and secure password, making your data completely safe.
• Dropbox for Business:
Dropbox is being used by many organizations to make files available to large number of people or employees, making file sharing an easy task.
• Camera Upload:
The photos captured by any mobile device is automatically uploaded into Dropbox folder so that those pics are available in multiple devices. This feature can also be deactivated if needed.
• Snapshot:
Hit the printscreen (Prt Sc) button on your keyboard and the snapshot of your current screen of computer will be saved in Dropbox.

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