Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Connectify makes it possible for any users to turn his/her computer network connection, be it wired or wireless, into personal Wi-Fi hotspot through their computer's wireless network adapter.

There are two variants of Connectify Hotspot. One is the "lite" variant and the other is the PRO variant which comes fully loaded with all the complete features. The PRO variant of Connectify Hotspot comes with many added security features like  the firewall protection which can help user resist all the unwanted threats from different external sources. Plus users can also save themselves from those annoying advertisements and banners that always pop up from time to time while a user uses the "lite" variant. The PRO variant’s Auto-Internet Selection process feature allows a users to control all their internet  hotspot’s sharing through an window of settings. This gives users  the power to control that who should use his/her hotspot and who shouldn't. Considering all the additional features  that are given with the PRO version of Connectify Hotspot , it seems to be a worthy investment for any traveler who constantly requires internet hotspot..

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