Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Super Hide IP is a utility software that allows user to surf the web anonymously, hide your real IP(Internet Protocol) address. The main goal of having these software is to protect the users from being exposed to possible  threats while browsing the web which includes credit card fraud, identity theft or hackers invasion into our devices. Actually what this application does is it masks user's real IP address and assigns them a fake IP from virtually any country, it's up to you which country you select..

Super Hide IP has very straightforward concept. After going through a quick setup, it starts integrating with user's web browser (Opera, Firefox, etc.), and is fully ready to use. The software consists of a very simple window that displays your real IP, and few buttons on the left gives you access to its different options available. To hide users IP user simply need to click the "Hide IP" button and within a few seconds user will be assigned with a new IP address. User can check their new IP address by clicking on "Check IP", the program will direct user's web browser and take them to a page displaying their new IP address which is visible from Internet.

The software works quite efficiently, however, there are few drawbacks we noticed, the connection speed slows down considerably. hence we can say it serves our specific purpose but it comes with a cost of slower internet access.

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