Thursday, 24 April 2014


Skype is platform for doing things together in a simple way, whenever two people or a group of people are apart. Getting to others via text, voice or video makes it very simple to share an individual's experiences with other people that really matters to you, no matter wherever they are.
It’s all made possible by the people who work here. And you could be one of them.

Skype is part of Microsoft company and have been working together to bring out innovative technology  of connecting friends, family and colleagues everywhere and anytime with the help of Skype software which have even moved to mobile devices as well. This makes the future for us and all the other people even more exciting as now we enable people to connect in more than one way that can transform and enhance our lives. And it's just the beginning. The passion of the company lies in engineering most incredible products yet and sharing them with everyone.
Here are few exciting features of Skype:

1. Skype to Skype Calls
2. Calls to mobiles and landlines
3. Group calls
4. Skype Number
5. Forward calls
6. Caller ID
7. Skype To Go
8. Skype Click to Call

1. One to one video calls
2. Group video calls
1. Video messaging
2. Instant messaging
3. Send texts (SMS)
4. Voice messages
5. GroupMe

1. Send files
2. Screen sharing
3. Group screen sharing
4. Send contacts

1. Skype to Facebook
2. Skype Wi-Fi
3. Skype Manager
4. Skype Connect
5. Skype for
6. Skype buttons

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