Tuesday, 15 April 2014


uTorrent is a famous BitTorrent client where people can download anything from the net. It’s an effective downloaded and the speed of downloading depends upon the number of seeders available for a torrent. The best thing about uTorrent is that it’s lightweight, customer friendly and very efficient in its working. It’s a combo of everything you desire from an ideal downloader. It displays everything like part of file downloaded, prioritizing part of part i.e. which part to download first and which part to be downloaded later, it displays download nad upload speed as well.

The working of this BitTorrent client is that a person who have a file can share it online by creating a torrent, then other people can also download from him as the owner keeps on downloading the file therefore the owner is seeder and those who download are the leechers. We can conclude that those who upload count for number of seeds and those who download account for number of leechers. The more the number of seeders, the more is the downloading speed. The more the leechers, the more is the reliability of that file.

The only drawback being faced by uTorrent is that it lacks full torrent search tool and an in-built media player.

Rest this software is a must have for all the people having personal computers. Pause your download according to your need and resume when you want to. This software in my opinion is one of the most sought after software in today’s market.

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