Thursday, 3 April 2014


Photoshop is a very powerful photo editing tool currently in market. Most of digital art designer use this software because of its versatility. It’s packed with whole lot of tools to give user an experience of photo editing a piece of cake. Photoshop is something which everyone now is aware of, even if someone wants to upload a profile pic in his/her any social media website, he/she first opens the pic in Photoshop, beautifies and then upload it. So you see its influence is widespread with daily more users coming up as its clients. Photoshop is not only limited to amateur users, but professionals as well. Professionals create exotic and impressive photos using this great software.
New features in Adobe Photoshop are:
·        Smart Sharpen
·        Perspective Warp
·        Camera Shake Reduction
·        Image Asset Generation
·        Linked smart Objects
·        3D Printing
·        Camera Raw and Layer Support
·        Intelligent Upsampling
·        Intuitive Path editing

All these features have made Adobe Photoshop stand on the top against all its competitors. Adobe is earning a large chunk of its revenue through its sale of Photoshop. Adobe have a great analyst team which analyze what a customer demands for and keep those tools at our disposal in their products created. Even though using Photoshop initially can be difficult but as you get used to it, your proficiency in photo editing also increases.

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