Sunday, 6 April 2014


Prezi is an online and offline presentation creating platform aimed as a competitor for Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s an exclusively designed with the sole purpose of creating a very versatile and imaginative way of presentation making. The zoom in and zoom out function is one of the best feature of this software which gives visually appealing look to it. The transition from one idea to another is a superb one with a very fluidic and efficient way of transition. A person can explore all his/her creativity using this amazing software. There isn’t a single way to create a presentation unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, there’s amazingly infinite number of ways by which you can present your ideas using Prezi.

Prezi gives three options to its customer:
• PUBLIC (for individuals)
• ENJOY (for business)
• PRO (for education)
There are different pricing for different set of privileges given. Access your files from anywhere using cloud storage given along with it.
Prezi is available for windows, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Click Here To Download PREZI

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